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Phyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilis

Dendrobates azureusDendrobates leucomelasDendrobates leucomelas

Photographed by Frank Haußmann:

Dendrobates azureusTerrarium for Phyllobates bicolorTerrarium for Dendrobates azureusTerrarium for Dendrobates azureus

Terrarium with WasserfallPhyllobates terribilisTerrarium for Phyllobates terribilisTank for P.terribilis

Tank for P.terribilisTank for D.azureusTank for D.azureusTank

Tank for D.azureusTankTankPhyllobates terribilis

TankEpipedobates tricolorPhyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilis

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