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Phyllobates terribilisPhyllobates vitattusDendrobates tinctorius Bombina orientalis

Agalychnis calidryasHyla cinereaMantella viridisMantella madagasceriensis

Dendrobates tinctorius saülDendrobates tinctorius lorenzoTerrarium for Dendrobates tinctorius LorenzoDendrobates leucomelas & Phyllobates vittatus

Dendrobates leucomelasOsteopilus septentrionalisOsteopilus septentrionalisOsteopilus septentrionalis

Dendrobates galactonotusDendrobates galactonotusHyla ebraccataHyla ebraccata

Hyla ebraccataHyla ebraccataTank

TomatoefrogDendrobates tinctorius YellowbackDendrobates pumilioDendrobates pumilio

Dendrobates auratusDendrobates auratusDendrobates auratusDendrobates auratus

Agalychnis calidryasDendrobates azureusPhyllobates terribilis

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