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Phrynohyas resinifictrix in amplexusClutch of eggs from Phrynohyas resinifictrixPhrynohyas resinifictrix briefly before ashore go

Martin`s frog-tanks:

100cm tank50cm tank80cm tanks80cm tanks

Raising tanks for frogletsBig Costa Rica tank with active foggerBig Costa Rica tankFroglet tank

Froglet tanksOverview: froglet tanksTadpolesPool for tadpoles

Quarantine tank for D.pumilio ColonPlace for quarantine tanksQuarantine tank for D.pumilio SiquirresTanks for D.tinctorius

Livingroom tank for Litoria caeruleaBreed tank for D.azureusBreed tank for P.terribilis

Picture series: Breed of Denbdrobates tinctorius Yellow Back :

Habitat of  D. tinctorius YellowbackBreed tank for tinctorius Yellow BackPair in front of coconutmale in the nut .. female is waiting.

male leaves nut.female at the coconutfemale leaves the nut - male expected covered Petri dish

uncovered Petri dishthe clutch of eggs on the second daythe clutch of eggs on the fourth daythe clutch of eggs on the sixth day

the clutch of eggs on the eight dayRemove bad eggsClutch of eggs on the tenth dayClutch of eggs on the twelfth day

Clutch of eggs on the four tenth dayClutch of eggs on the six tenth dayClutch of eggs on the eight tenth daySlip of the tadpoles

ErlenzapfenErlenzapfenwaterfodder mixture for tadpolesFeeding of the tadpoles

Tadpoles under UV-Sun.Tadpoles size comparisonclearly visible hind legsoppressive front legs

broken through front legsbriefly before ashore goduring the ashoreFroglets into the raising tank

Froglet on  the fingertip

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Photo from Costa Rica

Agalychnis callidryas fem.Agalychnis callidryas eggsxxxLeptodactylus pentadactylus

Dendrobates auratus Dendrobates auratus juvenileDendrobates auratusHabitat of Dendrobates pumilio Siquirres

Dendrobates pumilio SiquirresDendrobates pumilio Siquirres juvenileDendrobates pumilio near Puerto ViejoDendrobates pumilio Bribri

Dendrobates pumilio BribriDendrobates pumilio Quappe in BromelientrichterDendrobates pumilio SaraDendrobates pumilio (new kind of)

Bufo marinusSmilisca phaeota maleSmilisca phaeota Smilisca phaeota juvenile

Smilisca phaeota maleA pair of Smilisca phaeota in the pool Smilisca sordida

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