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Dendrobates azureusDendrobates azureusDendrobates azureusDendrobates azureus

Dendrobates azureusDendrobates leucomelasDendrobates leucomelasEpipedobates silverstonei

Epipedobates silverstoneiEpipedobates silverstoneiDendrobates tinctoriusDendrobates tinctorius

Dendrobates tinctoriusDendrobates ventrimaculatusDendrobates ventrimaculatusDendrobates ventrimaculatus

Dendrobates ventrimaculatusDendrobates ventrimaculatusPhyllobates vitattusPhyllobates vitattus

Phyllobates vitattusTankTank


Leucomelas oh breed:

Dendrobates leucomelas mal whistles on search....and has success. They produce this clutch of eggs....

..and dad drags the new generation after few days to the next water hole...into which the tadpole in such a way develops itself further  :-)

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