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Dendrobates azureusDendrobates leucomelas

Epipedobates pictusPhyllobates terribilisTank for Phyllobates terribilis

Hyla savygnyPhyllobates lugubrisEpipedobates pictus

Epipedobates pictusEpipedobates pictusEpipedobates pictus

Dendrobates reticulatusDendrobates reticulatusDendrobates reticulatus

Photographed by: Tonnie Woeltjes:

Phyllobates bicolor Epipedobates bilinguis Dendrobates imitator - intermedius

Dendrobates imitator - panguana Dendrobates variabilis Epipedobates canairachi Dendrobates fantasticus

Dendrobates pumilio  Cayo Nancy Dendrobates reticulates Epipedobates zaparo

Misahualli / Equador

Unknown frogRainforestHatun SachaUnknown atelopes

Dendrobates huntEpipedobates bilinguisEpipedobates bilinguisUnknown frog

E. bilinguis biotopPlace with bilinguis tadpoles

Tarapoto / Peru

Unknown treefrogBufo marinusEpipedobates bassleri biotopEpipedobates bassleri

Epipedobates bassleri biotopUnknown tadpoleHeliconiaunknown frog

E. bassleri biotopUnknown frogUnknown frogEpipedobates bassleri

Epipedobates bassleri biotop

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