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Dendrobates azureusDendrobates azureusDendrobates azureusDendrobates imitator

Dendrobates imitatorDendrobates auratus juvenileDendrobates auratus tadpoleDendrobates pumilio adult & juvenile

Dendrobates pumilio adult & juvenileDendrobates pumilioDendrobates pumilioDendrobates reticulatus with eggs

Dendrobates reticulatusDendrobates reticulatusDendrobates tinctoriusEpipedobates tricolor adult & juvenile

Epipedobates tricolorEpipedobates tricolorEpipedobates tricolorFrogtank

Phyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilisPhyllobates terribilis

Phyllobates terribilis

FrogtankFrogtankFrank himself

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