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TerrarienalageAlu´s back in front of  D.Vitattus terrariumAlu in front of a terrariumterrarium

Dendrobates tinctoriusDendrobates tinctorius Dendrobates tinctoriusDendrobates tinctorius

Dendrobates tinctoriusterrariumterrariumterrarium

terrariumPhyllobates vitattusDendrobates azureusDendrobates azureus

Dendrobates azureusDendrobates leucomelasDendrobates imitatorDendrobates imitator

Dendrobates imitatorDendrobates imitatorDendrobates imitatorAgalychnis callidryas

Agalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryas

Photographed by Holger Waitz:

Agalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryas

Photographed in Panama:

unidentDendrobates pumilio RóbaloDendrobates pumilio red frog beachDendrobates pumilio Cristóbal

Dendrobates pumilio ColonDendrobates pumilio BastimentosDendrobates pumilio Solarte

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